CBRE Serbia


Property ID: 17970


500000 €


Van Beograda


146 m2

No. of Bedrooms





Slankamen is a village located in the Indjija municipality, in the Syrmia District of Serbia, dated from the 3rd century BC, when the area was inhabited by Celtic Scordisci. In the first century BC, the fort was conquered by Romans and the settlement was known as Acumincum (acumen). There area also has other archeological findings from ancient and medieval times, but it is best known for the The Battle of Slankamen which was fought in the area on August 19, 1691, between the Ottoman Empire, and the forces of Austria and states of the Holy Roman Empire as part of the Great Turkish War. The subject property is located cca 1 kilometer from the Slankamen battle memorial - 16 meter tall obelisk, and total 3 kilometers from the intersection of Novi - Stari Slankamen and road to Surduk. The intersection is 11 kilometers away from the E75 highway which gives it connection with cities in the North as well as to the capital Belgrade, which is around 60 kilometers away to the South. The land plot is situated on the top of the hill side, spreading over 17 ha and overlooking the Danube river and Banat flats. It is covered with sprinkler systems for mist dispersion over the lawns surrounding the immediate vicinity of the house and regular water dispersion for other areas of the plot. When weather conditions are optimal, the view extends as far as Zrenjanin in the North and Avala tower of Belgrade in the South. The house is a single storey object with gallery floor and panoramic glass front wall which gives it ample lighting and horizon view. It spreads over cca 150 sqm and has one master bedroom and one open sleeping area on the gallery. The cosy bathroom is located on the ground floor with shower and sauna areas. The living room is spacious, equipped with wood fireplace for winter heating, and connected to the dining area and kitchen, all oriented towards the river. Additional heating is provided with floor heating system. The entire house is equipped with BMS, thus all processes can be monitored and adjusted from anywhere in the World. Additional amenity is the swimming pool, equipped with Ph and chlorine controllers and turbo jet system for counter current swimming. Water, the most important element for life is supplied from a well, 200 meters deep and stored in 10,000 liter tank with one pup for irrigation and the other for house supply. Filters for manganese and iron removal, softening and chlorination are sat up for water treatment, with kitchen additionally equipped with system for reversible osmosis making the water safe for drinking. For security purposes, the house and surround area is equipped with ten motion sensors and covered with eight cameras, while the security company G4S provides the necessary logistic power. All security events are available via SMS or mail. The security company has a base sat up in Indjija and also provide coverage for the nearby vineyard Sapat and Airtraffic Control facilities located in the neighboring vicinity. The property is equipped with automatic diesel generator, with power output of 7.5kW, which kicks in 15 minutes after the blackout. First line of power fluctuation protection for all other electronic systems are UPS, which bridge the gap until the generator becomes operational. Components used in construction are made by Siemes - electronics and controllers, Dunforss - flow regulators and Grundfoss pumps. For facility management, local help is available for gardening and house keeping purposes.