CBRE Serbia


Property ID: 1333


5 €




7000 m2


Office and warehouse space are located in the industrial zone in Dobanovci, in the near vicinity of major distribution centers (Nelt, Pepsi..) Storage space is constructed of panels (thickness 25 cm) filled with mineral wool resistant to fire (120 min) Roofing is made of a sandwich plate with rock wool insulation 10 cm thick. Storage space is equipped with modular pallet rack height of 6 m Storage space has 10 automatic cargo ramps 1.2m raised from the ground with the waterproofing and protection from storm water drains. Office and warehouse space are under the alarm and video systems surveillance. Railroad transfer station is just 1.5 km away from the warehouse. 6.000sq m of warehouse space available for rent from October 1st. 2017.